Being a teacher is not a job; it’s a vocation. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to witness so many beautiful moments in a student’s life; but, I can also recognize their struggles. Like every teacher,  I am on the frontlines of the constant struggle in education. If students are lucky they find themselves in small classrooms but the reality for a lot of students is that they do not receive the individualized attention they need, sometimes through no fault of the teacher as the teacher may have so many students in a class. Teachers are not just educators, but artists of education where they continuously create masterpieces to reach each student. No matter the kind of student, they can all benefit from tutoring. The student who falls behind or lacks motivation can create a relationship with a tutor that may increase their interest in the class and, in turn, help their grades. I truly believe education is so much more than grades. Just because a student may be doing extremely well in a class it does not mean that they cannot do better. You might think to yourself, how can a student have a better grade than an A? Remember, it is more than just about grades. A student that is doing very well, may benefit from a tutor to help him maintain motivation, keep him interested and engaged. Students need to be challenged no matter at what level they find themselves in.

Being a parent is not a job. It is a life-long journey. While my own children are young, I already stress about the million activities they have and the little time they have to do them.  

Life has changed from the time we were in school but some parts of education seemed to have lagged behind. I wanted to make sure as a parent and educator that students would be able to receive the help, motivation, guidance they need in their classes in a way that would be easy for them to engage in. Technology is the future and I decided to bridge technology to tutoring creating a platform that is easy to use and fun to engage in, that in turn also allows families to spend more time together.

Students deserve to get the best education tailored to them. We are here to make sure that we continue strengthening student-teacher relationships so we can see students blossom.